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Since the start of the Pandemic, we are

collectively spending far more time

becoming intimately acquainted with our

abodes, Georgina Jenkins of House of

Interiors is discovering a shift in how her clients

are utilising their homes for work, rest and play.

She has been commissioned to convert living

spaces into home cinemas, entertainment and bar

areas, and home offices to name a few.


House of Interiors specialises in the design and

making of unique, customised bar areas . Every

aspect from the build, decor and furniture is

unique to each project depending on the style, and

theme. The use of grand, antique mirror, textured

wallpapers, mood lighting and comfortable, stylish

bar stools creates the perfect ambience. All made

at their Hertfordshire workshop.


Since we’ve spent the better part of a year in our

homes craving some form of escapism, what

better way than to close the doors and settle down

on one of House of Interiors luxurious, bespoke

cinema sofas for a full length feature film. Their

upholstered, padded walls offer more than just

aesthetic design and acoustic absorption, but the

feeling of comfort like a warm hug from a trusted

friend we have long missed. Contact their Design

Team for all your AV needs.


A rising trend is to extend your living experience

outdoors, increasing design continuity by bringing

the natural light and space of the outside in and

extending the elegance and luxury of the inside

out. A great way to achieve this is by having

sliding, glass doors and a continuation of the

flooring that creates a seamless transition. House

of Interiors make breathtaking bespoke outdoor

furniture in weatherproof, performance fabrics

that wouldn’t look out of place in a 5* luxury



We’ve had a lot of time to re evaluate just how

important it is to maintain a healthy and active

lifestyle at home. Create a sanctuary for both

relaxation and exercise all year round with a

swimming pool that is part of your home along

with a hot tub, steam room and gym to complete

your private leisure area. Enhancing space and

light, our design solutions make our indoor

swimming pools, more spacious and of course



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