Editorial with West Essex Life

01 Jul 2020

No one knows how to bring a bit of va va voom into a room like Georgina Jenkins, founder and chief designer at House of Interiors. Here she shares her tricks of the trade...

Illusions of Grandeur - put your art, ornaments and even flowers on a pedestal, with the clever use of columns, like these stunning Twiggy designs. Use them individually or arrange in a combination of different heights, these are statement pieces that add an impress splendour to any room. And remember, when it comes to furniture, the devil is always in the detail, with the twist in the leg adding further glamour and elegance.

Mirror, Mirror - On the entire wall, and any other surface for that matter as it's a sure way to create an alluring, sculptural effect and provide the ultimate 'insta-worthy backdrop. What's more, mirrors help to open up an area and pull light into a room. The possibilities are endless when using reflective glass to decorate interiors and exteriors for the matter, and there is always room to push the envelope and be just that bit more daring and bold.

Lights, camera, action - nothing screams unbridled luxury more than a cinema room, which is becoming increasingly popular addition to all the best homes and is more accessible than you may think. You can convert any room into your very own high-end movie theatre, no matter how big or small and it makes the perfect place for the whole family to get together and enjoy a good film. Here, however, we’ve converted the ordinary into the extraordinary with purpose-built cinema sofas and upholstered, padded walls.

Table Talk - Never underestimate the power of a stunning coffee table to seal the style of your living room. Here the unexpected edgy, art deco design immediately attracts the eye, making it a focal point but further inspection eve leas the more subtle art deco curves of the bespoke sofa that oozes luxury while adding warmth. It’s an unusual pairing that works brilliantly to create a style that’s sophisticated, but with a touch of the avant-garde.

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