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Essendon, Hertfordshire

A project inspired by stately English country homes, this Hertfordshire Manor project brings sophisticated London style to the Countryside, honouring a grand tradition whilst modernising it with family living in mind. We chose sumptuous, textured fabrics, luxury velvets for upholstery and relaxing, neutral colour palettes to represent modern comfort, which contrasted well against the polished plastered walls. An exceptional bespoke hand-blown glass air bubble chandelier with 60 pendants spans an impressive 5 metre drop that can be appreciated from every floor of the property.

We designed and created unique pieces throughout the entire property; including a 14 seat Dining set with a backdrop of antique mirrored walls with fretwork in the Dining Room to suede upholstered walls with smoked brass detail outside the Master Suite, automated window treatments throughout, contemporary lighting, commissioned art work bespoke rugs, grand upholstered beds and a fully equipped home bar area.

It was an absolute pleasure to be involved from the start , providing all soft furnishings ,carpets, wallpapers, specifying finishes to the finer details such as handles all the way to dressing this impressive build with objects d’art, artwork and more.

Project Type

Residential, Bespoke


Essendon Hertfordshire

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